Ways with Words: Writing about Reading Texts from Early China (Volume 24) (Studies on China)



. Chapter 1. Sheng Min (shijing [classic Of Poetry], Mao 245: Birth Of The People) / Translations: Berhard Karlgren, Stephen Owen — Questions About The Language Of Sheng Min / David R. Knechtges — Interpreting Sheng Min / Stephen Owen — Reading Sheng Min / Williard Peterson — Perspective On Readings Of Sheng Min / Pauline Yu. Chapter 2. Mencius 2a.2 / Translation: D.c. Lau — Are You A Sage? / Williard Peterson — There Has Never Been One Greater Than Confucius / Peter Bol — Perspective On Readings Of Mencius 2a.2 / Stephen Owen. Chapter 3. Qi Wu Lun (zhuangzi: Seeing Things As Equal): Translation: The Sorting Which Evens Things Out / A.c. Graham — Look At The Finger, Not Where It Is Pointing / Stephen H. West — Vision And Identity In Qi Wu Lun / Martin Powers — On Making Noise In Qi Wu Lun / Wai-yee Li — Perspective On Readings Of Qi Wu Lun: I Am Not Dreaming This / William Peterson. Chapter 4. Heart Sūtra (xin Jing) / Translations: Stephen F. Teiser, Stephen H. West — The Heart Sūtra / Michael A. Fuller — Heart Sūtra / Stephen H. West — Perspective On Readings Of The Heart Sūtra: The Perfection Of Wisdom And The Fear Of Buddhism / Stephen F. Teiser. Chapter 5. Zi Jing Fu Fengxian Yong Huai Wu Bai Zi (du Fu, Going From The Capital To Fengxian) / Translation: Stephen Owen — What’s In A Title? Expressing My Feelings On Going From The Capital To Fengxian Prefecture: Five Hundred Characters By Du Fu / David R. Knechtges — Du Fu, Song Of My Cares En Route From The Capital To Fengxian / Lynn Struve — The Crisis Of Witnessing In Du Fu’s A Song Of My Thoughts When Going From The Capital To Fengxian: Five Hundred Words / Wai-yee Li — Perspective On Readings Of Du Fu, Zi Jing Fu Fengxian Yong Huai Wu Bai Zi / Stephen Owen. Chapter 6. Yingying Zhuan (yuan Zhen, Biography Of Yingying) / Translation: Stephen Owen — The Story Of Yingying / Pauline Yu — Mixture Of Genres And Motives For Fiction In Yingying’s Story / Wai-yee Li — On Yingying Zhuan, By Yuan Zhen / Peter Bol. Chapter 7. Bi Fa Ji (jing Hao, Notes On The Method For The Brush) / Translation And Commentary: Stephen H. West — Bi Fa Ji / Stephen Owen — How To Read A Chinese Painting: Jing Hao’s Bi Fa Ji / Martin Powers — Perspectives On Readings Of The Record Of The Method Of The Brush / Willard Peterson. Edited By Pauline Yu … [et. Al]. Essays From A June 1994 Workshop Sponsored By The Joint Commitee On Chinese Studies Of The American Council Of Learned Societies And The Social Science Research Council. Includes Bibliographical References And Index.,Books and reading,Books and reading–China,Books,Books–China–Reviews,Humanities,Humanities–China,Books and reading–China–Congresses,Books–China–Reviews–Congresses,Humanities–China–Congresses,Z1003.5.C45 W39 2000X


Publisher: University of California Press
Date_published: 2000
Language: en
Pages: 292
ISBN-10: 0520224663
ISBN-13: 9780520224667
Dimensions: Height: 9 Inches, Length: 6 Inches, Weight: 1.10010668738 Pounds, Width: 0.8 Inches
Binding: Paperback

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