Marxism in Contemporary China: Development and Global Significance


Chief Editors

Wang Xinsheng, Liu Fengyi





Since the era of reform and opening up, China has made significant strides in philosophy and social sciences, guided by Marxism and Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. The nation’s approach, merging inheritance, originality, and systematization, has led to major theoretical innovations and enriched Marxism. The focus on socialist political economy with Chinese characteristics reveals a treasure trove of theories, laying the foundation for a modern socialist society.

To share its unique cultural perspectives with the world, China must continue to boldly explore and innovate in theory, addressing pressing questions on economic development, governance, technological innovation, and global governance mechanisms through the lens of 21st-century Marxism. This book serves as an accessible guide for general readers, providing profound insights into China’s intellectual journey and its vision for the future.

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